Eleven Months


This month has flown by in the blink of an eye. Seems just yesterday you were sitting in a pumpkin for your ten month photo shoot… I’m still surprised you didn’t hate it. Your goofy baby faces are turning into toddler expressions.. Mostly curious or disapproving looks. Your smile is adorable but at times a rare sight. You get so absorbed in everything going on around you that it’s hard to get you to focus, let alone think games like peek-a-boo are funny past the second or third “boo”.

You are too smart for your own good. Climbing on everything, crawling over everything, mualing kitties and never sitting still for a moment, not even when you’re asleep. This is the only reason your pediatrician is okay with your lack of considerable gains in the height and weight department, again. Finally broke the 30 inch mark this month and also stabilized at 20 pounds. If you were one of those babies who sat and watched the world go by, you would be monster sized! But you’re too busy running us all over the house for that. You’re definitely going to be the kind of kid that takes your family for walks, just because you need to burn off the energy.

This month you began showing definite signs of teething, complete with white caps of your teeth pushing on your gums. As sensitive as you are overall, I’m really amazed how well you are handling get at least three teeth at once. And they are top teeth!! Of course Elliott can’t get teeth in the typical fashion, what would be the fun of that. I can tell they really bother you sometimes and you’ll chew on something hard while whimpering (which really is as pathetic as it sounds) but for the most part you are business as usual, with a lot of extra drooling.

You got a new uncle this month! And you did exceptionally well at your Aunt Kat’s wedding. Only spoke up during the ceremony when the pastor mentioned communication, which I thought was very fitting. You had an absolute blast at the reception when you woke up from your nap. You bounced and danced your way into the hearts of many strangers that night, and they all loved the cute little bow tie you wore.

This month we went to the zoo with two of the neighbor girls and you soaked it all in… Smiled at the orangutan and seemed bored of the giraffes. We had a few more play dates and you are such a little love bug. You try holding their hands and giving them hugs. This sometimes translates to you pulling them down and then tackling them, but we can see you mean well. It is soo sweet. You may not yet know how to high five (still working on it) but you can definitely give some awesome little hugs. The best part of my day is coming home to your fussy little face and getting a hug from you. You’re doing so well with me going back to work and Grandma watching you during the day. I figure you know her just about as well as you know me, and I know she knows you.. so it’s a great little setup.

One month to go until your first birthday! And while it doesn’t feel appropriate to throw a massive luau (in the middle of December) like I always heard the Hawaiians would have to celebrate making it through your first year, we will have the cake smash and birthday dinner and mini party for family and close friends. I feel like it should be a big enough deal, if not just for you, than for all of us to celebrate a year of less sleep, more tears, more smiles and definitely more love than before. You changed the lives of everyone who knows you well and loves you, little man. And when it feels like everything about my life is still so far from where I thought it should be, all I have to do is look at your face or watch you learning while you play to realize I am doing the most important thing in the world, just being here for you.

I love you to the moon, to the stars and to forever and back,




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