Another year of a million little things to be thankful for…

Family. Baby smiles first thing in the morning. Coffee. Sometimes two cups. Good songs playing back to back on the radio. My son’s laugh. Teething tablets. Safe travels this past year. Puppy breath. New opportunities. My degree. Friends that know what obscure Facebook statuses really mean. Advice from those wiser than me. Even when I choose to run in the opposite direction. A fantastic safety net. And many shoulders to cry on when my world fell apart. A gym membership. Quotes that speak to your soul. Having someone to come home to. Adventures. The look on my son’s face when he learns something new. Faith. Those drives home from work with the top down and music way too loud. The colors turquoise and that particular shade of magenta. Love. My affinity for most things artistic. Thinking on tangents. Nail polish. Catharsis. And always believing that everything happens for a reason. <3


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