Writers Block & Other Things

Writers block. Oy..

Since going back to work in October, I have found myself with less and less to write about. I go to work. I come home and spend time with Elliott. Then it is bedtime (and no, he still does not sleep through the night) and a few short hours later we wake up and do it all over again. Weekends are spent running errands, or playing catch up on laundry, or attempting to work on crafty things, or going for long walks with pit stops at the park for some play time. It’s all very.. boring as a whole.

I miss being able to say, “let’s go to the coast tomorrow!”… and then going, even if it was not the weekend. I am not a fan of big changes, but I am also not a fan of such restricting routines. There is no room for spontaneity, and that is disappointing at times. Life as an adult is not as glamorous as I assumed it to be when I was a kid. No surprise there though, I can not say I was not warned. Thanks dad.

I have learned a good bit about myself in the last few months though. I always considered myself to be detail oriented, because I tend to work in the realm of perfectionism, but I am definitely goal oriented. Probably should have figured that one out back in high school when I complained about always having to show my work in math. If I found the right answer, what did it matter how I got there? (Answer: It didn’t.) And I have also confirmed that eight hours is the amount of sleep I need to wake up feeling refreshed; which is a shame because I usually get five or six, broken into one to three hour sleep blocks.

So there you have it. A sort of update on my life as a working, single mom. This year I am focusing on getting my RVT license, which will probably take up the whole year with all the studying I need to do. I am also “working on me”… tying up some old, loose ends. Dealing with and sorting out how I feel about everything rather than stuffing in away for a later date. And also, letting myself off the hook for a lot of little things, big regrets, and “what if” questions that have been holding me back. I prayed for months for healing and understanding over the divorce and am finally starting to feel like me again. To be okay with what happened. More like, I am divorced free and moving on. I have to admit, it has been a decent new year so far, despite a small dash of monotony. I would say that I will try to write more, but I just cannot make that promise.

I did pay to renew this blog address though, so we shall see.


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