Gift Ninja

I got the chance to help out a random momma tonight and it feels awesome. Random acts of kindness always make me feel a bit like a gift ninja. I’m cool with that. I have been doing my best to not only keep my head above water lately, but to enjoy life. Focus on the positive, choose to see the good, it’s all one hundred happy days up in here. Literally.

It’s a game, almost. Focus on the happy, and note/ignore my subconscious ever so subtly reminding me of the events occurring around this time, exactly a year ago. Yesterday would have been our third anniversary.. right? I am just kidding, no surprise there. But it was not. It was just like any other Tuesday, except with a lot more lost and/or abandoned puppies and kittens showing up at work. (Sidebar: It’s kitten and puppy season. Adopt don’t shop. Spay and neuter your pets!) But I’m okay. I feel okay. And I am honest enough to type that without worrying that my nose will grow overnight.

I’ve been talking to someone who goes to my church and it’s fresh, and it’s new. A different perspective, an outside point of view to the whole experience of moving home and starting over. To feeling like you’re starting over well after you thought you would have your life figured out.

Anyway. Rambling because it is well past my bedtime. 5am comes far too early for this night owl.


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