Pending Style Update

I went a little crazy with online shopping yesterday. And by a little, I mean I snatched up some awesome deals, hunted for coupons and am totally psyched to get these items in the mail!

My shopping list included the happiest perfume at, Clinique’s Happy. Can’t wait to “get a whiff of those sparkling top notes!” (Brownie points if you know the movie!) Picked up some half-off, tinted lip balms, because I am forever losing and finding them again and probably have at least a half-dozen in rotation at one time. Scored a free tote, free deluxe sample size Coach perfume, free shipping and Ulta’s customary three samples. Not bad.

I’ve been thinking of a style update for ages now, and finally picked up four pairs of prescription glasses online for less than $150 including shipping/tax. For the record, that is less than the price of one pair at any local place, with better frame selections and money back guarantees. If you are interested, I picked up a “free” pair at with their coupon code, firstpairfree. Spent $17 total on shipping/handling and got an awesome tortoiseshell frame that I cannot wait to try out! They also offer free returns for one year, any day of that year. Doesn’t get much better than that.

I have been browsing other online glasses retailers for a couple weeks and took the plunge on another more pricy pair from They look almost identical to my current frames, so they are my safe bet for a pair that is going to work given the online buying environment. With all the extra lens coatings added, the total came to $87. Their “Worry Free Warranty” is not as accommodating as’s 365 day return policy, but a ten day, trade in or money back guarantee is not bad.

I was most impressed with the selection offered at Goggles4U. Their reviews online are more questionable, with a polarized response to their glasses and customer service. I stumbled across a buy one get one free coupon code (gobogo) and could not pass up two pairs of glasses for less than $45, shipping/handling included. I hope to add a good review to the mix.

My first impressions are that has the most appealing website design and best return policy. Cannot beat their “firstpairfree” coupon code or 365 day return policy. I hope the quality is as good as advertised. offers the ability to print out a full size frame, and although I felt super silly holding up a paper frame to my face, it was helpful in eliminating potential choices! Finally, goggles4U has an impressively large selection of frames. Their virtual try on feature or “v-try” on the site is necessary to differentiate small differences in large families of frames that look almost identical and it was also the easiest of all three virtual try on to use. Goggles4U is also the only retailer of the three I used that offers the regular plastic lens material, CR39 versus the typically standard polycarbonate. This is important because the only pair of poly glasses I ever tried were immediately returned because my eyes are sensitive to the chromatic aberration caused by polycarbonate lenses. Fingers crossed the other two pairs I am trying with poly do not bother my eyes, but thank goodness for return policies if they do. For full reviews check back in a few weeks when I have had a chance to put these glasses to the test.

Anyway, did not mean for this to turn into a mini-review but thought I might as well throw my $.02 out there on the whole online glasses buying experience. I know some may have problems with not supporting local businesses, but finding my $250 sunglass frames from the local optometrist online for less than $50 left me feeling a little burned last year. As a single mom, I can’t afford mark-ups that high, even if they are industry standard.

Happy shopping! I’m hiding my debit card from myself for at least a week. Haha.







ps. I am not being paid to review or link to ANY of these items. All were purchased of my own volition, with my own money. :)

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