Facebook Official

The boyfriend and I made it Facebook Official last night!

We were over at the man cave, hanging out with his roommates/the one roommates girlfriend and were trading stories of how we all met. No better way to bond with new friends than to share awkward and semi-embarrasing stories! The boyfriend and I had been hesitant to change anything on Facebook because word of our relationship would get around like wildfire with our friends of friends connections. In fact, a certain church couple spilled the beans before he had even asked me out! So now,  I am certain the exes family will all know in a matter of days, but being in a relationship with someone new says nothing on my parenting of their (great) grandchild or nephew. It is none of their business, honestly. And I do not know why I tried protecting them from the truth in the first place. Sugar coating is not exactly my style, so I must have lost my head for a moment there.

This is all a little awkward to write about, but really, have you met me? I now fully embrace that I am an awkward person, and it works for me. I am happy and sure of myself. I am having fun and feel like me again. I’m a lot more fun than I remembered being for a very, very long time. He brings out the best in me. More sarcasm.. more flirting, more laughter, more awkward pauses and always that good dose of overthinking.


Feeling good, feeling great. Hope you could say the same.







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