My Take :: Jamberry Nails

I really want to love these nail wraps. Painted nails are about as girly as I get, besides doing my makeup every day. Anything that could eliminate manicure drying time is worth a shot because 98% of the time, I chip/smudge/dent at least one nail the first couple of hours. I had seen Jamberry nail wraps a couple times across the internet and when my Facebook mom friend became a consultant, I got sucked into the “Buy 3, get 1 Free” promotion. Twice.

Day One :: “Aztec Evening” an hour after application.

The first wraps I tried were the pattern “aztec evening.” Super fun colors, really easy to apply with minimal prep beyond what is necessary for any manicure. Application took me about an hour, chasing my toddler in between nails. I have curved nails, so I spent a good bit of time re-applying heat to smooth out wrinkles and bubbles. End result, so cute!

Day Two :: Some damage from working with my hands for eight hours.

I am a veterinary technician and my job is very hands on. Scruffing kitties, examining dogs, prepping animals for surgery, vaccines, scrubbing surgical instruments.. After a full, eight hour day at work, these wraps had taken a beating. Most notably the top of my index finger (closest to cuticle) was buckling due to the curve of my nail and had lost its water proof seal. The edges of all my nails were all worn away like regular nail polish would have been. I figured the worst of the damage had been done and that these would still last a good while. Jamberry FAQ states they last up to two weeks.

This application did last ten days, with the end result being the picture below. Almost every wrap had wrinkles. A couple of the wraps were peeling up around the cuticle. The edges were very worn, peeling up and fraying. Removal took less than five minutes. Heated them again with a blow dryer and gently peeled off. Used a little nail polish remover to take off some residual stickiness. There are more “gentle” methods for removal including soaking in oil, but I did not find that to be necessary. Absolutely no damage to my natural nails.

Day Ten :: Peeling wraps and frayed edges.
Day Ten :: Even though these look a mess up close, I was still getting compliments at work.

I want to love these wraps, but I need them to love me back a little more. They are so easy to apply. There are literally hundreds of awesome colors, patterns and even some sports/sorority wraps. I read a dozen reviews before purchasing, and I do have to add that these do not work well for curved nails. There is one Youtube user who claims to have curved nails and makes these last two weeks but how she makes that happen just does not compute; not even after watching her apply them on screen! I have tried three different patterns and none have lasted anything close to two weeks. My Jamberry consultant Sara was extremely helpful in finding any tips or tricks that I had not thought of yet. If you are thinking of ordering, I highly encourage you to support a stay at home/Jam working mom by shopping at this link here!

In the mean time (and for those with curved nails) ice-water is awesome for helping nails dry fast. I dunk my fingertips in for about a minute, two to three times, a couple minutes after applying a fast drying top coat. That and painting my nails before bed so that the polish can set overnight help traditional manis last at least a week or so..


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