Plank it Out

Tonight I kicked my own butt at the gym, which is a thousand times better than having it kicked by life. Did my cardio warm up on the moon bouncer (aka adaptive motion trainer) and built a little circuit for myself in the empty group fitness room. It’s so nice getting lost in the challenge and repetition of a good circuit workout. I have lost a lot of time on my plank, down to about half of my best at the end of last summer, but that small let down didn’t stop me from giving it all that I had. Any plank is better than no plank at all. Any plan is better than no plan at all. I may not be exactly where or exactly who I thought I would be today, but I am doing the best I can. It is enough because I say it is. 

Feeling good, feeling great. So much better than a couple days ago. I can’t change everything in one day but I can start here.  I so wish I could find my personal trainer from college. That fitness attitude was the best gift I could have been given. God knows the scale and the mirror have had a million different things to say the past couple of years but a positive attitude has eventually, always prevailed. 

Love and a LOT of glitter,


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