The Space Between 

Rewind to October 2015… Start the clock. 

Married this guy 10.24.15. 

Spent the best week at the beach..

And then life carried on as usual. 

Birthdays came and went.. The Hurricane turned three!!

Got a new job, no more commute!!

Ready. Set…

Surprise!! Baby number two due late December. 

Heard the heartbeat at 7+3. I cried. 

11 weeks of love and bloat. I would give anything to not need to post the next photos…

6.23.16 at 13+1. No heartbeat. Perfectly developed, two days after normal appointment, the sky crashed all around us…..

And life moved on without me.. 

New ink. “The same waves that threaten to drown you are the ones that will return you to shore.”

Fall. October. Stop the clock. This time of year always makes me feel alive again and I need that more than ever.

This is me. This is love and loss and so real it hurts. This is my life.



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