I have a lot of baby things on my mind.. shouldn’t come as a big shock to anyone considering that I’m 27.5 weeks pregnant.. This may be a very random post. I’m sure I could make everything flow coherently, but that would be a very, very long post.

First and foremost, I passed my gestational diabetes test with a 109! Anything lower than 135 is passing, so I was quite pleased to hear my score! When the nurse called me, she definitely sounded as if the results were going to go the other way.. I do have to say, the drink itself was not awful. I had the orange flavor. However, the nausea, racing heart and faintness I felt for almost an hour and half after drinking the “glucola” was awful. I still don’t understand why we can’t eat a big piece of chocolate cake. Now that’s something worth 300 calories of sugar! Baby boy didn’t care for the drink at all though. Slept through the entire appointment except when the doppler probe poked him and he punched or kicked back.

He actually seems to be a fairly calm baby.. at least for now. I first felt him move at sixteen weeks, on the dot. It’s hard to believe that was before I knew that he was a he.. (and was fairly sure he was a she) Was barely a flicker of motion after eating some chocolate, but he was there! Most days now, he moves around just enough for me not to worry. I usually just feel that he’s moved into a new sleeping position because the pressure points change – his favorite of which involves him laying sideways, usually with his head on the left.  He’s too stubborn to be head down.. just chilling out on his back most days or curled up into a ball in a diagonal position, butt down..

He’s had a pretty busy day today. There have been about three times when I’ve had to stop knitting or typing or washing dishes and look down because he’s just going crazy. Some women say it’s always like that for them; that they have very active babies already.. I don’t know how they get anything done! It amazes me how someone so small can literally bounce my whole torso around! I just sit or stand there and wonder what he’s doing, which way he’s sitting and where he’s trying to go. It makes me smile when I think about what it’s like for him to just be stuck with me all day. It’s all just so amazing, so awe-inspiring.

In other baby news, the glider for the nursery came in today!! I’m still deciding how I feel about it though, because the fabric is much more cream based than white.. and in a white, grey and yellow nursery I need to do some work to make it fit. Pictures will be up soon! I just need to finish the crib skirt.. (still..haha)

I guess this post is more for me. Because some day I won’t be pregnant anymore, and I know I’ll wonder what was going through my mind Before I was someone’s mommy.

Feeling Crafty


Can you see my boppy slipcover, crochet baby blanket and at least two baby hats here? No?.. Well then, I better get to work! Haha. Just when I think I am finally caught up with craft projects, I go to Joanns and Michaels and stock up on more supplies.

I can’t wait to make our baby boy a super fuzzy and warm baby blanket with the “bunny tail”  yarn on the far right. I had gone to Michaels to look for some silk flowers to put in a vase in our bedroom, but instead walked out with six balls of yarn! My stash is slowly growing out of a second storage basket. I may have a problem. :)

I looked on Etsy for pattern ideas for that fluffy yarn and found one made on a diagonal that looked 10x more awesome than any of the other ones I saw.. What I don’t understand is how they can afford to be so cheap! I bought enough for a standard sized baby blanket and it was close to $35 just for the yarn, and I see people selling the completed blankets for less than $30.. They must buy in bulk. I almost thought of messaging a few sellers and asking! And I may still do that. I’m sure there’s not that large of a market for them, I’m just curious as to how they do it.

Another random Etsy note is that I mailed one of my reindeer hats to Spain today! SPAIN! Wasn’t my first international shipment, but the first was to Canada, which doesn’t really count because there’s just a border between us and them! I was really interested to see how much it would cost using the same ‘ol padded envelope I use for all my shipments and it was $7.68. Interesting.

I think that’s enough random-ness for one post! Will mention that I am 27 weeks pregnant today and just booked my 3D/4D ultrasound for Oct 9th!! Three weeks and a day until I see our baby boy’s cute little face! :)

A Perk to Living Alone

This morning I discovered a perk to living alone.

Today marks three weeks that the hubby has been away.. Only about a bazillion more to go. Literally, probably only about thirty more weeks, give or take a month at any point in time. The thing is, we’re like 8% done with the deployment!! Yeah. I would be more excited about that, but eight percent is hardly something to celebrate. It’s the smallest piece of pie in a pie chart. It’s the one everyone saves for last.

Random rants aside, I have spent the last three weeks in a whirl-wind of activity. Catching up and falling behind on crochet orders for my Etsy Shop, and attempting to catch up on about a month of neglected house work that had been glazed over for the  most part while he was still here. I can’t even begin to describe how much stuff I found on our kitchen table! I can actually have dinner there now.

Today though, feels like a lazy day. After three weeks of just mind-numbing activity, I am ready for a break. So I’m sitting here thinking of all the stuff I planned to accomplish this weekend. Had wanted to vacuum the whole house, steam clean the hard wood floors and bathroom floors, deep clean my kitchen, organize my craft stuff, tackle the extremely disorganized office.. But instead of doing anything I am just sitting here enjoying the smell of my mulled apple cider candle; enjoying the quiet where the most I hear is the hum of the refrigerator. It’s a lazy day. I probably won’t get much done at all, and the best part is, there’s no one here to tell me to do anything.

Memory in the Making

A little over twelve hours have passed since I dropped my husband off at the ship for the deployment.

I said I wouldn’t cry today, but I have a feeling that I might lose it while writing this post. My eyes have been burning all day from the tears they are holding back.

I miss him, like I would on any day that he didn’t come home for the night.. like a duty day, except I won’t be picking him up tomorrow morning, or the next day, or next week, or next month.

Next year. That’s a daunting, overwhelming idea. I have nothing better to count down to than our anniversary because it’s at the end of the month they might be home. 245 days to go. That’s a school year. That’s almost an entire pregnancy. It feels like forever tonight.

I think I’ve been in denial since the end of last week. I just can’t believe that they left. And I can’t believe that it won’t just be for six weeks like it’s been so many other times this year. I don’t know when it will hit me. I don’t think I want it to hit me. I’ll wake up tomorrow and have breakfast and send off some Etsy orders at the post office and go about my day business as usual. And hopefully before I know it it’ll be another memory.

No tears here tonight, I’m too tired to break down..

Busy Needles

I’ve been quite busy lately! Opened up an etsy shop to sell my crocheted creations. Tomorrow I’ll be busy making a pink and grey version of this owl.

And after that I’ll be putting together an adorable newborn photo shoot set like this one I made today, only in light blue. I have to say, I’m loving the ability to be creative! Everything I’ve made so far, has been a special request so that makes it even more fun. If you’d like to check out my shop, please feel free to request a design!

For anyone wondering, I am enjoying the last few weeks I’ll be able to spend with the sailor this year. It’ll be our last few memories of life together before parenthood begins!

Put the “C” in Create

Finally have something creative to write about!! I recently – as in four days ago – taught myself to crochet. I already know how to knit the heck out of scarves, so I am focusing on beanies for now. I have already made a few and one of my Mom’s friends on Facebook is already wanting to buy one. :]

I love knitting and all but I think my hands were made to crochet. Haha. Haven’t tried many new patterns yet or used many fancy designs. For now I’m just trying to get the basics down. Now.. someone needs to start working on having a baby so these hats can go be useful. :P

I prefer the newborn to year old size because they are a lot faster to make! Made my first adult size beanie (for myself) without a pattern and for one thing, took way longer and another thing, took forever to figure out how many stitches to use. Definitely sticking w/the baby sized ones. 

In other news, the hubby is officially on the Stennis. Wasn’t really allowed to say when he was leaving or announce that he had gone until I knew he had gotten there. Freaking Navy. I guess that’s why I’ve been missing around here the past two days. Don’t have much to say because 1/2 of all the thoughts in my brain are some variation of missing him. Hopefully he’ll only be gone a month. Right?..