Whining About Nothing

I have been to the Emergency Room twice for bleeding.. and had a total of three early ultrasounds so far. The first showed a grey blob, the second showed a grey blob with a heartbeat and the third, back on April 28th during my second visit to the ER showed a slightly larger blob with a heartbeat that we heard for about five seconds. I was supposed to have a follow up ultrasound to check for the source of the bleeding and spotting with my OB at my nurse’s screen appointment but when I went to that appointment they told me to “trust my doctor” and that they couldn’t do anything for me. Not exactly what I was expecting.

My dating ultrasound has been coming up fast; and it was supposed to be next Wednesday, my hubby’s birthday. He asked for the day off so that he could be there to see a baby (not just a blob – no offense to anyone that finds that offensive and no offense to the baby). I was really looking forward to seeing what he/she would look like at ten weeks. I was looking forward to seeing everything was OK before our trip to California that weekend… before I tell all my extended family. But after a call to the nurse’s line to report more spotting over the weekend, my ultrasound has been moved up to tomorrow.

Gah!! And the nurse said they had no intention of doing an ultrasound at my appointment next week anyway and that my follow up from my first ER visit at six weeks would suffice as a dating ultrasound. Lied to again!! If I had a choice about my OB care, I would change hospitals! But seeing as it is THE Military Hospital, I have to go there.

I know I am probably ┬ájust annoyed by this all because I’m overly emotional.. but still. Lied to, told to trust my doctors and not getting what I want = not a very happy me! I know, I know, I sound like a spoiled brat but I’m honestly just scared and worried.

*SIGHS* (This is a side note for an old friend :: SATELLITE!!!!!)

Anyway, expect at least one more post today. Promise I’ll be in a better mood when I write that one..