My newsfeed on Facebook is buzzing with comments about this month. How is it November already, where has this year gone, they wonder.. Almost a dozen comments. And I’m over here like, it’s only November.

Does make me hope that some sort of nesting instinct kicks in soon. I met with my Doula earlier this week, and not even discussing my birth plan, in detail, made me realize that our baby boy will be here soon. Six weeks and some change is still plenty of time, right? I only have about half of my baby themed to-do list to go..

I have a basically untouched registry to complete, other things to buy, shelves to put up behind the changing table, a giant bunch of baby clothes to fold, hang or otherwise organize..

Today, however, is a slow day. I am enjoying the sun coming through the windows while it lasts and working on crocheted hats for a West Virginia Mountaineer fan. I better get to work on my list of things to do though, because it is November already, after all.

The Looking Back

I’d be surprised to know anyone was actually following my blog anymore. Hasn’t really been much of a smash hit lately, has it? I would apologize for that, but I would honestly rather say nothing for weeks on end, than talk about nothing of any importance to me day after day.

I think I’m back now, no guarantees, no promises… I’m working on a big project that I’ll reveal in a few weeks but for now, just looking for a place to write, and that is what blogs are for. I recently added a few online friends to my Facebook account. I had met these lovely ladies on The Mommy Playbook quite a few months ago when Logan and I started trying to conceive. It’s a great site, with free membership and a wonderful sense of community once you’ve been around for a month or two. Before joining, I never really believed you could make “online friends”.. but I like to believe these are the type of women I would want to hang out with, if they lived anywhere close to me. None of them do, but we all find ourselves going through the same thing.

Anyway, added them to my Facebook account and took a look at my profile through their eyes. I have a zillion profile pics from over the years. Okay, only sixty-six, but still, they date back to 11/7/07. Looking through them all, it’s like a mini-review of the last five years of my life. And for the first time, I didn’t mind looking back.