Throw Back Thursday

I was going through a box of fall clothes tonight.. Packing for a trip and falling in love with a season that isn’t even here yet. Among all the cardigans, sweaters and scarves I found my little point and shoot camera that I hadn’t seen in months, and was sure was lost forever. Got it charged, and was even more surprised that it had pictures on it.


Random, brand-new baby pictures! Totally warms my heart. Back when he had eyebrows so faint you couldn’t tell he had any at all and had that white spot above his left eye that eventually disappeared. When he was so new, I wasn’t even sure what being a mom was.

I’ll admit that over time, the exact moments of those first, early days have blurred together. I couldn’t tell you exactly how we made it through, but here we are.

I love you to the moon and back and for forever, fuss bucket.


Casualty of the Move

It’s been almost a year since my hubby and I dared to drive across the country. The move from South Carolina to Washington state was a harrowing one at times. Semi-truck tires, a blizzard and sand storm attacked and attempted to destroy our little Mazda 3. Despite the fun of staying in a new place every night, and the ability to say that I have driven across this gigantic country, I am in no rush to repeat the process.

Our baby boy will be here in just a few short weeks, and naturally, I’m going to want to take a zillion pictures of him to share with my husband and family and even here. I have a huge Nikon, and a small point and shoot Nikon and my iPhone which has a decent enough camera for emailed pictures. The only problem is that the point and shoot Nikon doesn’t hold a charge, and when turned on acts as if it is possessed by some evil spirit. All sorts of flashing lights and then it dies again. As far as I know, it hasn’t been dropped, hasn’t been stepped on or slammed around. It has been safe and dry inside it’s case. I have no idea why it doesn’t work, but I do know that it’s less than 2 years old and somewhere there is an extended warranty for the little bugger. Somewhere.

Another casualty of the move.. I could have sworn I tucked the warranty into the camera box while getting our apartment packed up in South Carolina. That would have been the most logical placement. Checked the camera box today, and the warranty is nowhere to be found. Shoot.

It had a “home” and then that was packed up and moved to a different apartment; only to be packed up and moved to this house. Who knows where it could be.. I definitely don’t.┬áSo now I have a broken camera, no warranty, and am once again compelled to recount the damages that occurred during that move across the country. The semi-tire, blizzard, sand storm… the cracked windshield, lost boxes, late delivery of our things.. and the lost warranty among so many other things that I’ve yet to discover are missing or misplaced.