The Search

My work friend and I had plans this weekend to pick out Christmas trees, decorate and have dinner with our kids. I was looking forward to getting out of this tiny apartment, but she cancelled late this morning, giving a reasonable enough excuse. I understand, that this thing that came up was more important to her. I understand that our plans were not the biggest deal, getting a Christmas tree so late in the month when she is not really in the Christmas spirit anyway. But it mattered to me. I needed a friend today.

I am searching for my village, and I will be honest that I am not sure one exists for me. I am looking for my friends here, in this city that is still new to me, who are more like family. The ones who don’t leave you because their life gets too busy or because your life no longer mirrors theirs. Those close friendships that stand the test of time. The friendships that survive moves, babies, hard times, divorces… Not many of my friends from before are around any more. I do understand, life goes on, but being a (divorced, full-time working) mom is so lonely and isolating sometimes. I am in this in-between space, not single and not married with a toddler just hitting the “terrible twos.” I am just twenty-something myself and even with the years flying by now, life is so lonely sometimes.

Speaking on being a mom specifically, I wish just for once when my kid was melting down in the middle of Walmart, I would look around and see knowing glances instead of disapproving looks. I wish the older women at Panera the other night had not audibly tisked at me after removing myself and my son from the restaurant because he could not keep his cool. I thought that was the best plan of attack in the moment. Letting him blow off steam and throw a fit outside was so much easier than trying to keep him in his high chair. I wish there were more support, more micro-villages of those who know how difficult and draining it is to be a parent some days. The judging looks do not help. The mean, under your breath comments, the glares and stares, do not make his tantrum end any faster. Anyone who has experienced life with a toddler can tell you, giving in to every whim It may make the lives of others more pleasant at times, but it is not a sustainable parenting practice.

When was it decided that we so often have to go this alone, and how can I unsubscribe from that list? If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you have probably noticed I am not the type to fit in right away. I speak my mind and find it difficult to sugar coat; traits that seem to conflict with having a large circle of friends. But that does not mean I enjoy the laughter and company of a good friend any less…it just makes them much more difficult to find. I became a mom two years ago, and after a divorce, two moves and getting a full-time job, I am still searching for my village. I do not need your house to be perfectly clean or even fully baby-proofed. I do not expect you to dress up or wear your Sunday best for an afternoon spent with me and my kid. Just time and understanding, camaraderie and those little tidbits of parenting wisdom that might work like magic for my little hurricane.





Edit to add :: I definitely have considered joining a MOPS group, but considering I work every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11AM, that really is not an option for me.


ps. Inspiration for the thoughts in this post via my late night reading of ::

Facebook Official

The boyfriend and I made it Facebook Official last night!

We were over at the man cave, hanging out with his roommates/the one roommates girlfriend and were trading stories of how we all met. No better way to bond with new friends than to share awkward and semi-embarrasing stories! The boyfriend and I had been hesitant to change anything on Facebook because word of our relationship would get around like wildfire with our friends of friends connections. In fact, a certain church couple spilled the beans before he had even asked me out! So now,  I am certain the exes family will all know in a matter of days, but being in a relationship with someone new says nothing on my parenting of their (great) grandchild or nephew. It is none of their business, honestly. And I do not know why I tried protecting them from the truth in the first place. Sugar coating is not exactly my style, so I must have lost my head for a moment there.

This is all a little awkward to write about, but really, have you met me? I now fully embrace that I am an awkward person, and it works for me. I am happy and sure of myself. I am having fun and feel like me again. I’m a lot more fun than I remembered being for a very, very long time. He brings out the best in me. More sarcasm.. more flirting, more laughter, more awkward pauses and always that good dose of overthinking.


Feeling good, feeling great. Hope you could say the same.