My newsfeed on Facebook is buzzing with comments about this month. How is it November already, where has this year gone, they wonder.. Almost a dozen comments. And I’m over here like, it’s only November.

Does make me hope that some sort of nesting instinct kicks in soon. I met with my Doula earlier this week, and not even discussing my birth plan, in detail, made me realize that our baby boy will be here soon. Six weeks and some change is still plenty of time, right? I only have about half of my baby themed to-do list to go..

I have a basically untouched registry to complete, other things to buy, shelves to put up behind the changing table, a giant bunch of baby clothes to fold, hang or otherwise organize..

Today, however, is a slow day. I am enjoying the sun coming through the windows while it lasts and working on crocheted hats for a West Virginia Mountaineer fan. I better get to work on my list of things to do though, because it is November already, after all.

Aimless :: without purpose or direction

I am having a hard time. I can’t exactly put my finger on a definition of how I feel, but it goes something like this.

I have a list of thing to get done today. Laundry, dishes, sort and fold some baby clothes, clean something, crochet something, get to the gym, etcetera. It really feel silly to even complain but I feel like I’m walking in circles here.

It’s been half a month since my hubby left for deployment and I feel like I’m getting nowhere; but at the same time I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be headed. I feel almost aimless, like I am just wandering around finding things to keep me occupied until our baby boy is born. That list of things to do today might as well have been copied and pasted in part, or in whole, onto every day of the past two weeks. I am quickly getting tired of it all.

And maybe that is just how it is going to be the next few weeks. I really hope they go by much faster than the last two have……… Anyway, enough rambling for one morning. I believe I have a list of things waiting for me.