I Promise

Since finding out we’ll be having a boy a little over a day ago, I’ve had a dozen or so thoughts running through my mind!

A boy. Like the cute little kid playing hide and seek over the table with us at dinner tonight. Like my nephews.. only, mine. Dreams of barbies, ballet slippers, and sharing movies like The Little Mermaid and Thumbelina went flying out the window and have been replaced with cars, baseball bats or soccer goals and I don’t even know what else!┬áSo this will be a work in progress of things I promise my son, because I grew up with two sisters and wasn’t very close to my older male cousins.

I promise not to force you into sports, but I promise to make you try, at least once.

I promise to support your dreams, whatever they may be.

I promise to make you keep your room clean, to have manners, and to be polite.

I promise to be proud of you.

I promise to be nice to your girlfriends so you don’t feel the need to run away from your dad and me.

I promise to lovingly accept your wife, and really try to get to know her, without being too pushy.

I promise to dress you in all sorts of adorable baby clothes, before you get too old to think duckies and stars are “girly.”

And I promise to love you unconditionally, for who you are, while at the same time hoping your daddy and I get things *right* enough that you turn out okay!!